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Top 5 Topics & Themes for 2023 Virtual Events

From the Covid-19 pandemic to the global anti-racism protests, 2020 was a defining year in history. As many businesses look towards their new normal in 2023, many will be hoping to apply the perspective they gained from surviving a worldwide epidemic to their daily operations. The themes and topics explored in this post will define the businesses of the next decade.

Workplace Culture

The humble workplace has undergone extensive changes in the past year. From remote working to the digital revolution, businesses across the globe are going to face a tough decision following the Covid-19 pandemic – go back to pre-pandemic operations, or continue embracing this new normal?

Discover how Yuval Dvir transformed Skype’s culture in this exclusive interview clip.

Workplace culture is one of the most popular corporate virtual event themes in 2023, as business owners are capitalising on the disruption of 2020 to evolve as a company. The main question they wish to answer, is what type of workplace culture is the most beneficial? That is where an online business speaker can help, like the transformative Yuval Dvir.

Mental Health & Resilience

A nationwide lockdown highlighted the importance of mental health support, especially at a corporate level, making resilience one of the most popular virtual event ideas for companies. Through webinars, mental health experts teach employees how to manage their emotional wellbeing, especially while working from home and adapting to change.

When Ollie Ollerton was attacked by a chimpanzee as a child, he learnt the importance of mental resilience. The above video explores more of the former SAS solder’s insight.

Virtual mental health and resilience speakers are regularly booked for such events as Mental Health Awareness Week, during which businesses recognise the emotional damage caused by stress. Such speakers as Ollie Ollerton, star of SAS: Who Dares Wins, attend corporate webinars to discuss their valuable perspective of mental resilience.


The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital revolution, as many businesses were forced to embrace e-commerce and other online practices. Virtual events this year are exploring how companies can continue to utilise the digital opportunities at their fingertips and prepare for the advancements of the future.

FinTech expert, Dan Cobley, proves exactly why he is the go-to technology speaker in the above video.

Speakers like former Managing Director at Google, Dan Cobley, are regularly booked to predict technological trends. Their insight into such digital sectors as FinTech and futurism allow businesses to remain ahead of the curve and evolve with the changing times.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are defining traits of corporate success, as such businesses enjoy a 20% increase in innovation compared to their competitors. In 2023, all companies must value the diverse traits within their teams, and nurture inclusivity to ensure that all employees feel welcome, understood and appreciated. This topic is especially popular among senior corporate audiences who are committed to transforming their business.

Source: https://www.quantumworkplace.com/future-of-work/diversity-and-inclusion-statistics

Viv Anderson, England’s first Black footballer, reflects on the state of racism in the sport. Watch the above interview to find out more.

Following the increased interest in diversity and inclusion, speakers like Viv Anderson are regularly hired to attend online corporate events. With their personal experiences of racism and discrimination, such figures open audiences’ eyes to the importance of allyship, and how business leaders can pioneer inclusion within their own companies.

Change Management

Every professional can agree that the world of business has changed drastically in the last year, reflecting the value of flexibility in the workplace. Change management is a powerful topic at virtual events in 2023, as it is increasingly important for employees to overcome hurdles and quickly adapt their processes.

Watch Red Arrows pilot, Andy Wyatt, discussing how his adaptability saved him when his plane malfunctioned, in the clip above.

Change management speakers are booked for online webinars to teach audiences how to overcome adversity. Orators like Andy Wyatt, the former Red Arrows pilot, are experts on adaptability, as their professional journeys are defined by their ability to react to sudden changes. Virtual attendees come away empowered to seize opportunities.

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