Mental Resilience & Wellbeing

Business owners and employees alike are under immense pressure from the Covid-19 pandemic, both emotionally and financially. Though we cannot fix the world’s problems, we can offer virtual mental health speakers to improve wellbeing with realistic, actionable advice.

For online conferences, these virtual resilience speakers touch the hearts of global audiences, leaving them inspired to persevere through personal challenges. With a lack of employee wellness leading to 17.5% reduced productivity, investing in your workplace’s mental health and wellbeing will increase team performance.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is the value of emotional wellbeing. Arm your audience with a resilient mindset, by booking an inspiring webinar guest speaker specialising in determination and perseverance.

Ann Daniels

Record Breaking Polar Explorer & the First Woman in History to Reach the North & South Pole With an All Women Team

Brené Brown

Emotional intelligence expert and Five-Time New York Times Bestseller

Gina Buckney

Author of the Journals for Life, Managing Director at Your People Your Power & TEDx Speaker

Jake & Hannah Graf

Transgender Couple, Formerly the Highest-Ranking Transgender Soldier in the British Army and Award-Winning Director, Actor and Writer

Jason Fox

Former Royal Marine Commando, Star of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins & Co-founder of Rock 2 Recovery

JJ Chalmers

Former Royal Marine & Invictus Games Gold-Medallist Turned TV Presenter

John McCarthy

Britain’s Longest Kidnap Victim & Globe-Trotting Journalist

Kellie Maloney

Former leading boxing promoter who coached Lennox Lewis, transgender advocate

Leon Rolle (Locksmith)

Member of the Band, Rudimental and Mental Health Advocate

Celebrated from the 13th to the 19th of May 2024, Mental Health Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to book a mental resilience and wellbeing speaker who can educate your employees. The weeklong event recognises the importance of mental health support, and the impact that workplace stressors can have on employees’ wellbeing.

When you book one of these inspiring speakers, you are investing in your staff’s performance, productivity and, most importantly, their emotional wellbeing. With a bureau like the Online Speakers Agency, hiring a virtual motivational speaker is simple and stress-free, as a professional agent will manage every stage of the booking process.

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