Simon Sinek

Creator of the 'Why' Theory, Podcast host of 'A Bit of Optimism' & Author of 'Start with Why'

  • Creator of the revolutionary ‘Why’ theory
  • Has written five books including Start With Why and The Infinite Games
  • Launched his own online classes dedicated to inspiring others
  • Hosts his own inspirational podcast, A Bit of Optimism
  • Gave the second most-watched TED talk of all time

Discover Simon Sinek’s biography of published work below.

Find Your Why by Simon Sinek
Find Your Why
The Infinite Game by Simon SInek
The Infinite Game
Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
Leaders Eat Last

The founder of the innovative ‘Why’ theory, Simon Sinek is a motivational speaker and author who has transformed the lives of business leaders all over the world. Simon’s tips have a proven track record of business success with thousands of audiences having benefitted from his words of wisdom over the years. Having published several books, founded his podcast and running online classes, it’s fair to say he is one of the most impactful virtual speakers around.

Known all around the world for his inspirational talks, Simon introduced his ‘Why’ theory in his 2009 book, Start with Why. He outlined the main ways businesses can utilise human’s natural behaviour to their advantage. Realising he was on to something; it became a best-selling leadership book with businesses everywhere desperate to get their hands on it. Simon became internationally recognised, which led to him publishing four more books including The Infinite Game, Leaders Eat Last and more.

Businesses began hiring Simon as a motivational speaker, with him conducting talks for the US armed forces and the United Nations. As well as this, his TED talk went on to become the second most viewed of all time. As one of the most sought-after virtual speakers on the circuit, Simon can discuss a vast range of topics that inspire his audiences into actionable change.

Before becoming a revelation on the speaker’s circuit, Simon studied cultural anthropology, learning about the behaviour of humans. Spending time in the UK, USA and South Africa he began his career at advertising agencies in New York, before starting his own business. Now Simon spreads his messages on a range of platforms.

His podcast, A Bit of Optimism, aims to take a positive look at business challenges while his online classes have been a huge success. Experienced at teaching his skills through a screen, Simon is the perfect choice of virtual speaker, as he can reach a wide audience and positively impact people.

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