Simon Calver

World-Renowned Businessman Who Led LoveFilm and Mothercare to Global Success

  •         Worked as CEO of LoveFilm and Mothercare
  •         Former Vice President of International Sales Operations of Pepsi
  •         Former Vice President and General Manager of Dell
  •         Lead Mothercare’s expansion into 58 countries
  •         Former head of BGF Investments

Simon Calver is one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs and the man who spearheaded LoveFilm and Mothercare’s renaissance into global powerhouses. Over the years Simon has held high-profile roles at a whole host of global corporations including Pepsi and Dell. As a virtual speaker Simon is able to give audiences an exclusive insight into how he transformed the fortunes of these businesses, giving them the tools to achieve their own goals, both professionally and personally.

Taking over as CEO in 2005, Simon played a vital role in the success of the DVD rental company making them one of the biggest companies in their industry. Simon led a merger with Screenselect using the latter’s innovative technology platform to enhance the business and by the time he left the brand had over a million more subscribers than when he joined. In 2011 he also played a key role as the company was sold to Amazon for a huge profit.

Following the sale of the company, Simon headed to Mothercare in 2012 where he arguably achieved his biggest career highlight to date. Within two years he’d taken the once failing business to market leaders in the baby retail industry, operating in 58 countries. As a virtual speaker, he is able to explain to audiences how he masterminded these feats while keeping people engaged and enthralled with his decades of industry knowledge.

In recent years Simon has continued to champion British companies acting as the current Chairman of UK Business Angels Associates and Moo. Dedicated to inspiring new businesses, he combines this role with his virtual speaking arrangements which give him the opportunity to make an impact on a bigger scale.

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