Kevin McCloud

Host of Grand Designs for 20+ Years & Recipient of an MBE

  • Hosted Grand Designs for over 20 years
  • Fronted numerous programmes including Kevin McCloud’s Rough Guide to the Future, Kevin McCloud’s Man-Made Home and Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour
  • Started his own development company HAB Housing
  • Designed sets for rock band Harvey and the Wallbangers
  • Awarded an MBE in 2014

For over 20 years Kevin McCloud has delighted audiences on the popular architecture programme Grand Designs. The television presenter and design expert has visited hundreds of homebuilding projects up and down over the years offering his views on unorthodox architectural designs in his own affable and humorous style. He has since become a popular virtual speaker entertaining audiences everywhere with his passionate and engaging speeches.

Kevin has become best known for his television presenting, and as well as hosting Grand Designs since 1999 he has also fronted Kevin McCloud’s Man Made in Home, Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour, and Don’t Look Down. As well as his television presenting Kevin has also continued his passion for architecture creating his own housing development company, HAB Housing. Over the years the business has worked on a whole host of big-money developments focusing on affordable and environmentally friendly housing.

After graduating from university Kevin trained as a theatre designer creating sets for a variety of productions. This role saw him design the set for rock band Harvey and the Wallbangers before leaving to open his own lighting business. Other design projects include crafting the ceiling in the food halls of Harrods and providing lighting fittings to historic buildings such as Edinburgh Castle, the Savoy Hotel, and Ely Cathedral. His virtual speaking events see him discuss the architecture industry and how he has seen it evolve over the course of his career.

Now, television is Kevin’s main focus and while Grand Designs has undeniably been his biggest success, he has become a popular television personality in his own right. Most recently he has worked on Kevin McCloud’s Rough Guide to the Future exploring what the future of the planet may look like and was the narrator for celebrity camera show Celebrity Snoop Dogs. Many of his TV shows focus on sustainability and the environment and he regularly opens the eyes of audiences during his inspiring virtual speaking events by explaining the impact all of us have on the planet.

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