George the Poet

Prominent Spoken Word Artist Who Explores Social Issues & Has Won Podcast of the Year

  • Won 5 Awards at the 2019 British Podcast Awards
  • Member of the National Council of Arts for Arts Council England
  • Host of ‘Have You Heard George’s Podcast?’
  • Released the EP ‘The Chicken & The Egg’
  • Opened the BBC Royal Wedding Coverage with a Poem

George Mpanga is an influential speaker, using art to transform the nation’s perception of social, economic and political issues. Known by his stage name of George the Poet, he infuses rap, poetry and spoken word with his personal experiences from his upbringing on an estate in North-West London. Engaging audiences of all demographics in his work, George uses his platform to initiate conversations on diversity, culture and inclusion.

The son of first-generation immigrants, Geroge’s childhood was spent in a deprived area of the capital, rife with gang culture and violence, here he discovered rap as an outlet for creativity. Fast-forward and George is now of the most powerful voices in the race debate, as he is providing an education to generations on the prevalent issues in society. From performing on the Royal Wedding coverage to releasing poetry in collaboration with Sky Sports, George’s message is going global and tackling inequality head-on. George continues to create as a lyric artist, giving a voice to the unfair distribution of crime, wealth and opportunity.

One of George’s most acclaimed ventures is his podcast ‘Have You Heard George’s Podcast?’. Through story-telling, poetry and music, George offers a fresh perspective to inner-city life, including offering insight into his own experiences in ‘the ends’. Receiving the Best New Podcast 2019, Influencer of the Year 2020 and Podcast of the Year 2020, amongst numerous other awards, has solidified George’s position as an innovative communicator on challenging topics.

Currently, George is a Member of the National Council of Arts for Arts Council England, where he contributes to improving diversity in British creative culture. Additionally, he is regularly seen on media outlets and as a speaker discussing the actionable change that can be implanted in personal and professional environments to create a more inclusive culture, relating his own experiences to ensure a compelling talk.

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