Ann Daniels

Record Breaking Polar Explorer & the First Woman in History to Reach the North & South Pole With an All Women Team

  • First woman to reach the North and South Pole as part of an all-female team
  • Honorary Degree from Stafford University
  • World Record Holder for Polar Exploration
  • Worked with NASA on Snow Depth Experiments
  • Head of Ice Operations for the Catlin Arctic Survey

A respected figure of adventure and exploration, Ann Daniels has risen to fame as a pioneer of female exploration. Breaking world records as the first woman to reach the North and South Poles as part of an all-female team, Ann has inspired the masses with her drive and determination to succeed. Ann is best known for beating 200 others in selection for the McVities Penguin Polar Relay as well as organising and completing a gruelling 700-mile Antarctic mission where she became part of the first female team to ski to the South Pole.

Having experienced some of the worlds most challenging environments, embarking on journeys in -50-degree temperatures, Ann has seen incredible things that some of us can only dream of seeing. From carbon monoxide poisoning to storms and cracks in the ice, Ann was subject to many harrowing experiences and inspires all as she lived to tell the tale. Having sledge hauled for 400 days and completed an incredible 3000 miles over ice, Ann is sought to speak on her amazing adventures as an online speaker.

As an online speaker, Ann inspires others to take opportunities in life head-on. Performing at online conferences and keynote addresses, Ann covers the topics of drive, determination, leadership, teamwork, motivation and environmental changes such as climate change. Formerly, Ann has been seen on Loose Women, CNN, Daybreak and Fox News- so is comfortable and confident in the face of a camera. A seasoned speaker, Ann has previously delivered speeches to the likes of Disney, Marks & Spencer’s, IBM and Vodaphone to name just a few. An inspirational individual commended for her relevant and motivational speeches, Ann Daniels is the perfect choice for a range of online events.

Most recently, Ann Daniels was inducted into the Top Virtual Speakers Available to Hire, honouring her achievements as an admirable female explorer.

Official Testimonials

Ann Daniels is regularly booked to engage audiences at virtual events, read their latest feedback below:

“The key message I took away was about our challenging environment and I thought her approach was very refreshing- don’t waste time/ energy getting angry about the environment you are in and the challenges you face but instead start planning how you are going to deal with them. I think this is relevant for us all at work and outside work”- HSBC

“What can we say other than you are a true inspiration and made an educational leadership conference have a sense of excitement and uniqueness because of your after-dinner contribution. It is no mean feat to engage such a large group of individuals, where a pin could be heard to drop, with such finesse, passion and charm. When you arrived, it was to a group of strangers and when you left, it was from a group of friends with great admiration and respect for your immense determination, spirit and achievements. The standing ovation was a reflection of that”- AET National Conference

“I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent talk at the awards ceremony and luncheon. Not only was the content fascinating but your delivery captivated everyone in the audience and enhanced the overall atmosphere of the event. I could have listened to you for hours”- M&G Investments

“Ann was the best speaker we’ve had in the ten year’s I’ve been booking speakers. She was motivational and relevant to the current challenges we face in the workplace today. She inspired us all to strive to achieve so much more, individually and together as a team.”


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