Black History Month Speakers

Every October, virtual Black History Month speakers are booked to honour and celebrate Black experiences, opinions and achievements. It is vital for workplaces to celebrate this month, to recognise the feats made by equality advocates and improve the diversity initiatives within their own companies.

Black History Month is an essential event to recognise in the workplace, as it sets a precedent for inclusivity and diversity. When booked for events, these speakers both educate attendees on the lived experiences of their peers and empower audience members with their stories of determination.

To book a Black History Month speaker, contact a booking agent either by phone or our online contact form to discuss your requirements.

Ade Adepitan

Television Presenter for the BBC and Wheelchair Basketball Paralympic Gold Medallist


MOBO Award-Winning Rapper and Social Activist Named in the 100 Most Influential Black British People in the UK

Colin Jackson

Legendary British Hurdler & World Record Holder Who Went 44 Races Undefeated

Elaine Sihera

Founder of The British Diversity Awards & Lifetime Achievement Winner from Diversity UK

Jean Tomlin

Former HR Director for the London 2012 Olympic Games, Founder & CEO of Chanzo

Mr Motivator

Former GMTV Fitness Instructor Who Was Awarded an MBE for his Motivational Series During Covid-19 Lockdown

Shaun Wallace

Star of ‘The Chase’ Known as the Dark Destroyer & Winner of Mastermind in 2004

Black History Month is an important reminder of the racism that has defined our past, and the discrimination still rife in society.

As 60% of Black and Minority Ethnic workers reported unfair treatment in the workplace due to their race, business leaders must eliminate discrimination and improve inclusion in their company.

Armed with inspiring stories, academic knowledge of Black history and a passion for equal rights, our virtual speakers believe that diversity should not be a single objective, but standard practice.

By booking a Black History Month speaker, you will benefit from their leading expertise that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on audiences.