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Ultimate Guide to Booking a Virtual Speaker

Virtual events have become a staple of the 2020s, and despite the world returning to normality following the Covid-19 outbreak, businesses are continuing to prioritise webinars for their increased accessibility.

As a single virtual event could result in over 1,000 leads, organisers must capitalise on the opportunity and hire a professional online speaker to guide proceedings.

Discover how to book a virtual speaker, in our latest post!


1. Create a Brief

The first step to booking a virtual speaker is to consider your event’s requirements. A brief can be as simple as your budget, target audience and the theme of your event, alongside any other key details that will make it easier for our booking agents to source the perfect speaker.

If you are unsure of your event’s specific requirements, our team can offer their industry-leading guidance and help you organise an unforgettable occasion.

Alternatively, if you already have a virtual speaker in mind, you can bypass the following two steps and contact our team.

2. Research Potential Speakers

A great source of inspiration for your event is our website. Organised by categories, each of our speakers have their own dedicated profile which presents their career, published works, speaking experience and videos so you can make an informed decision.

Using our website could not be easier – simply use our “speakers” drop-down menu at the top or use our handy search bar to research a specific speaker.

Considering your event’s requirements, look for a speaker who shares the same passions as your audience, and can impart years of industry knowledge at your event.

3. Contact a Speakers Agency

A key step in this process is contacting our team. You can reach us either by phone, email or our online contact form, all located on our “contact us” page, linked in the menu.

In your message, try to include as much information about your event as possible – however, do not worry if you only have a general idea, our team are highly experienced in organising events of all shapes and sizes.

4. Discuss Your Requirements

Once you have reached out, a friendly booking agent will discuss the details of your event, including what you wish to achieve and your budget.

This will allow us to supply a selection of speakers tailored to your unique needs.

5. Choose a Speaker

Popular polar explorer, Ann Daniels, is available to book for your virtual event. Read her profile to learn why she is such an impactful speaker.

Once you have received your list of speakers, now comes the fun part – choosing the perfect presenter for your virtual event!

Consider which speaker or speakers will complement your event, and how well they will resonate with your audience. If you require guidance, our team of experienced booking agents can supply their professional preference.

6. Sign the Relevant Contracts

Once you have chosen the perfect speaker for your event, the Online Speakers Agency will manage the rest of the hiring process, leaving you to book with confidence.

We will send professional contracts for you to sign, securing your speaker and ensuring that your event is seamless. If on the rare occasion the speaker is unable to attend, we will quickly supply a suitable alternative and take care of all the logistics.

Including payments and invoicing, using a booking bureau ensures that your budgetary limitations are a priority, and you receive the best price possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have a pressing question about booking a virtual speaker?

Read our FAQs below, or contact a member of our team who will answer your queries.

How much does it cost to hire a virtual speaker?

As with in-person speakers, the cost of hiring an orator for your event can differ drastically depending on several factors, including their personal preferences and industry experience.

We understand that this can make finding the ideal speaker time-consuming, so are on hand to source a selection of options suitable for your unique budget.

Why are virtual speakers important at online events?

When surveyed, 48% of attendees stated that the reason they did not enjoy a webinar was because of the presenter. An uninteresting or inexperienced speaker will be unable to hold the audiences’ attention, leading many to switch off – whether mentally or physically leaving the webinar.

Therefore, it is vital that you book a talented, professional virtual speaker who has vast experience relating with online attendees. The Online Speakers Agency will only suggest presenters who we personally endorse, and know from previous bookings would captivate attendees.


Does it cost more to use a booking agency?

In short, no. We take a cut of the speakers’ cost to book, as we do not believe our clients should pay extra for our services. When you hire with The Online Speakers Agency, you will receive professional support and a ready-made booking at no additional cost.

Is booking a virtual speaker more cost-effective than in-person speakers?

It is no secret that online events are a cost-effective option for businesses who wish to reach their consumers or host a workshop with their employees. Without the extra expense of a venue, catering, security or insurance, you can cut the cost while still enjoying the benefits of organising an event.

Event organising aside, virtual speakers are often more affordable than their in-person counterparts. As they do not have to physically attend the event, many speakers offer lower costs and do not require you to cover their accommodation or travel expenses.

Can I record the presentation for later use?

Virtual events are a great opportunity to create marketable content, perfect for social media or PR campaigns. However, you must confirm with our booking agents and the speaker first, as it is ultimately the speaker’s choice whether they want to be recorded.

If you want your event to be recorded, communicate with our team before booking so we can supply a selection of speakers who will accommodate.

How to Organise a Virtual Event

If you are organising a virtual event, do not miss our ultimate checklist!

The comprehensive guide takes you through every step of the process, including which hosting platforms are available and how to advertise for external events. Written by professional event planners, the printable checklist will ensure that your virtual event is a success.

Contact The Online Speakers Agency

The Online Speakers Agency caters to all types of virtual events, including internal corporate meetings and public webinars. To book a virtual speaker for your event, either contact a booking agent via phone, on 0207 1010 553 or complete our online contact form and a member of a team will get back to you shortly.

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